Tulin Sevgin
Director of Third-Party Risk Management

Tulin Sevgin

Tulin Sevgin is the Director of Third-Party Risk Management at UpGuard.

UpGuard's cybersecurity research has been featured in New York Times, Bloomberg, Washington Post, Forbes, Engadget, and Techcrunch.


Tulin is a third-party cyber risk management specialist. She helps enterprises develop vendor risk management programs that are resilient to data breaches and supply chain attacks. 

Tulin possesses specialist knowledge across a wide range of cybersecurity specialties within the domain of vendor security risk mitigation, including

  • Enterprise risk management (ERM)
  • Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)
  • Vendor Risk Management (VRM)
  • Third-party risk remediation
  • Vendor security risk discovery
  • Third-party risk appetite calculation
  • Third-party risk management compliance for regulatory standards
  • Third-Party Risk management Program implementation 

Tulin has been invited to demonstrate her vendor security risk management expertise in various cybersecurity podcasts, YouTube channels, conferences and network events, including:

Tulin has been involved in webinars to discuss the importance of Vendor Risk Management and the impact of emerging cyber threats on the success of a third-party risk management program. Some of these media appearances are linked below:


Tulin earned her Bachelor of Information Technology (eBusiness) degree at the University of Wollongong.

Quote from Tulin Sevgin

“The modern business isn’t competitive without third-party vendors, making Third-Party Risk Management an unavoidable cybersecurity initiative.”

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