Vendor security ratings and automated questionnaires help InConsult provide an integrated cyber risk solution to their clients.
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Improvement to InConsult's Cyber Security Rating in less than a year
Vendors continuously monitored by the UpGuard platform
Digital assets continuously monitored
InConsult helps build resilient organizations by providing risk management services spanning multiple disciplines and industries. UpGuard helps InConsult manage vendor risk on behalf of their clients, as well as monitor their own cybersecurity performance.

About InConsult

For nearly twenty years, InConsult has been helping build more resilient organizations. As a leading provider of risk management, business continuity, fraud prevention, internal audit, assurance and more recently cyber risk management services, InConsult is committed to delivering effective and efficient services to clients on time, all the time.

Headquartered in Sydney and operating throughout the Asia-Pacific region, InConsult’s clients span multiple industries including listed companies, financial services, government and the not-for-profit sector.

InConsult understands that helping clients take calculated risks is essential to helping them maximise and protect value, innovate and achieve their purpose as an organization. Balancing a commercial mindset, stakeholder expectations while helping to identify, manage and reduce threats has put InConsult at the forefront of risk management in the Asia-Pacific region.

The challenge

InConsult was looking for a vendor risk management solution that they could easily deploy themselves as part of an integrated end-to-end cyber risk management service to their clients. The chosen solution needed to be easy to onboard and demonstrate immediate value to their clients.

Cyber security ratings and automated security questionnaires were both in their scope. InConsult was looking for a solution that combined both these capabilities as a single, easy-to-use product.

The solution

Over the past two years, UpGuard has been working closely with Tulin Sevgin, InConsult's Cyber Risk Management Lead. Tulin reached out to UpGuard to evaluate our Vendor Risk product.

UpGuard Vendor Risk continuously monitors vendor security performance, summarising each vendor’s profile in an easy-to-understand cyber security rating.

Even deeper coverage is provided by UpGuard’s security questionnaires module, which automates the often laborious workflows associated with questionnaires, clearly articulates the identified risks, and scores questionnaire responses as part of the vendor’s overall security rating.

Vendor Risk helps us manage vendor security performance across a diverse client base. It’s easy to use, and the vendor security questionnaire module helps us track workflows, surface security and prioritise specific risks for remediation.
Tulin Sevgin

Cyber Risk Lead

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