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Taylor Fry

Taylor Fry

Combining security ratings and automating third-party risk monitoring helps their executive team measure cyber risk.
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Taylor Fry
improvement to Taylor Fry's Cyber Security Rating in less than a year
Vendors continuously monitored by the UpGuard platform
11 digital assets continuously monitored
Taylor Fry helps customers with complex problems in actuarial science and data analytics. UpGuard helps continuously improve their own cybersecurity, as well as assess and remediate third-party risk. Taylor Fry is one of the few organizations that has achieved a perfect 950/950 security rating on UpGuard.

About Taylor Fry

Born out of a need to break out of institutional thinking driven by corporate politics, Taylor Fry (in their words) "started off as three guys in a corner office surrounded by cardboard boxes, looking for a better way to do things”.

For over twenty years, Taylor Fry have helped some of the world’s biggest brands solve thorny problems in actuarial and data science. They also proudly work with governments to uncover solutions that aid the most vulnerable people in society.

The Taylor Fry team is a diversified group of creative thinkers, including physicists, engineers and and computer scientists. With three offices in the Australia and New Zealand region, they are poised for global growth.

The challenge

Taylor Fry has embarked on an IT transformation journey which included a comprehensive review of their technology architecture and environment. From IT policy through to cybersecurity, a multi-year program was executed to prepare Taylor Fry for the next stage of growth.

Cyber security ratings were part of the scope of the program, and were not a new concept for Taylor Fry. They had a relationship with a previous security ratings provider, but it was time to look at the market for new alternatives.

The solution

Thomas McCosker, Head of IT at Taylor Fry, reached out to UpGuard while investigating alternative providers. UpGuard was ultimately selected as the security ratings provider for Taylor Fry.

UpGuard BreachSight provides continuous monitoring and security ratings for Taylor Fry. Easily extensible modules also enable advanced cybersecurity monitoring capabilities such as data leak detection, domain typosquatting protection and external vulnerability assessment. Thomas and his team used UpGuard to improve Taylor Fry's security posture, to the point Taylor Fry has received a perfect 950/950 security rating.

Taylor Fry also needed a solution for identifying and assessing third-party vendor risk. UpGuard Vendor Risk works side by side with BreachSight to continuously monitor vendor security performance and automate security questionnaires. Combining the two products has given Taylor Fry a single cyber security rating, which they use to benchmark overall cybersecurity performance.

By automating cyber risk detection and assessment, UpGuard has helped increase our cybersecurity performance, while getting efficiency through automation.
Taylor Fry
Thomas McCosker

Head of IT
Taylor Fry

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