Jess Hooper
Senior Product Manager

Jess Hooper

Jess Hooper is a Senior Product Manager at UpGuard.

UpGuard's cybersecurity research has been featured in New York Times, Bloomberg, Washington Post, Forbes, Engadget, and Techcrunch.


Cybersecurity best practices, cybersecurity protocols and standards, programming languages, security architectures, threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, secure software development, incident response, etc.


Jess has a strong passion for all things technology-related and has self-taught many complex cybersecurity topics. Her cybersecurity writing and product development experience has been shaped by many hours of dedicated research across multiple disciplines.

Summary of Cybersecurity Authority

Jess has extensive experience and expertise in monitoring, analyzing, and influencing the evolution of cybersecurity tools and technologies. She possesses deep insights into the latest advancements in cybersecurity products, including software, hardware, and services. This knowledge enables Jess to keep a pulse on emerging threats and industry trends, collaborate with vendors to enhance product features and capabilities, and advises organizations on selecting and implementing effective cybersecurity solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Quote From Jess Hooper

"Crafting code to protect the world's data."

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