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UpGuard Launches CyberResearch Managed Service For Third Party Risk Management and Data Leak Detection

UpGuard, the third-party risk and attack surface management platform, today launched CyberResearch, a managed service offering which combines third party risk management and data leak detection. This AI-enabled DRPS solution will be the first solution to provide monitoring for third party vendor data leaks and breaches. 

UpGuard is known as a pioneer in the DRPS market, launching BreachSight in 2018 as the first solution to proactively detect data leaks before they become active breaches. UpGuard’s world class team of cyber researchers and analysts are known for securing over 2 billion sensitive data leaks implicating institutions such as Facebook, the Republican National Committee, Amazon, GoDaddy and Tesla. Now, UpGuard is building upon this unique position as the only vendor that will combine third party risk management and data leak detection for a total digital risk protection solution.

“Customers need a platform not just for third-party risk, but a complete solution for managing their entire risk surface,” said Mike Baukes, co-founder and co-CEO of UpGuard. “CyberResearch is UpGuard’s solution to the cybersecurity talent gap, offering customers an effective way to leverage the expertise of our team and the power of our technology. With CyberResearch, we are providing customers with the technology, team and strategy to effectively manage their vendors and proactively assess risks across their entire digital supply chain.”

CyberResearch features two proprietary services: 

  • Data Leak Detection: UpGuard is now able to alert customers to data leaks pertaining to not only their organization, but also to data leaks stemming from any of their vendors. UpGuard’s AI-enabled data leak search engine automatically scans the internet for live data leaks and identifies data that presents a risk for customers, such as passwords, source code, and customer records. UpGuard analysts will analyze the findings and work with the customer to notify the vendor responsible, ensuring that the data leak is secured. 
  • Third Party Risk Management Services: Okta estimates that most companies have an average of 190 vendors, and with many business operations moving remote, that number is growing. One of the common challenges in vendor risk management is acquiring the team and expertise to tackle the challenge. Third Party Risk Management Services are designed to augment customer needs for additional talent resources. Now, UpGuard customers not only will have access to the UpGuard platform, but can use UpGuard TPRM Services for every step of the vendor management process. This will include preparing evidence needed to evaluate a vendor, writing risk assessments, reviewing vendor risks, determining which risks need to be remediated, and working with the vendor to ensure that these risks are addressed. With UpGuard’s suite of solutions, customers now have the ability to track and store all of their vendor risk profiles and remediation tracking in one platform. 

CyberResearch is now available for early access. Contact for more information or visit our website

About UpGuard 

UpGuard helps businesses manage cybersecurity risk. UpGuard’s integrated risk platform combines third-party risk management, security questionnaires, and threat intelligence capabilities to give businesses a full and comprehensive view of their attack surface.

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