Platform Architecture

Total Integrity Monitoring

Legacy platforms offering File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) only provide indications that a file has changed—not the context around the change. UpGuard's Real Time Forwarder features Total Integrity Monitoring (TIM), which expands upon the FIM concept by providing high-level information related to changes, removing the legwork in investigating why a change took place.

By automatically detecting unauthorized changes and tracking their causes, UpGuard enables IT and operations to resolve issues faster, instead of wasting cycles troubleshooting and tracking configurations.


Unplanned and undocumented changes create fragile systems prone to outages and misconfigurations. Real Time Forwarder records who made changes to a file, as well as what changes that were made between scheduled scans providing real time information about assets, compliance controls and record changes. This granularity ensures no important change flies under the radar, so organizations can reduce time spent investigating root cause and focus instead on remediation.