Catherine Chipeta
Cybersecurity Writer

Catherine Chipeta

Catherine Chipeta is an experienced technical writer, with a background in writing content across several different industries including technology, SaaS, government, and finance.

Her exposure to the security requirements in each of these industries has cultivated the necessary skills to transition into the cybersecurity sector. She now works as a cybersecurity writer at UpGuard.

UpGuard's cybersecurity research has been featured in New York TimesBloombergWashington PostForbes, Engadget and Techcrunch.

Summary of Cybersecurity Authority

Authored multiple cybersecurity artcies across the following specialist topics:


Catherine’s passion for developing new information security skills has motivated her pursuit of projects with complex security requirements.

She worked with a product research solution powered by conjoint analysis - a survey-based statistical technique requiring special attention to vendor vulnerabilities to preserve user data security.

Catherine also helped scale the fastest-growing digital events agency in the southern hemisphere - a platform requiring intelligent digital risk management to support the security of end-users during digital activation.

Cybersecurity Achievements Summary

Some of Catherine’s key achievements in cybersecurity and technology are summarized below:

  • Interviewed executive-level speakers to discuss topics impacting the future of business operations including  AI, Data Analytics, Design Thinking, Asset Management, Customer Experience, information technology, and DevOps.
  • Supported the launch of a cybersecurity event focused on protecting government entities from cyber threats.


Catherine earned her Bachelor of Communication (Creative Writing) at the University of Technology Sydney. 

Quote from Catherine Chipeta

“If digital transformation expands the threat landscape and vendor relationships are unavoidable, each vendor should be treated as an attack vector.”

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