Are your healthcare websites safe?

Just as credit scores aggregate financial risk factors into one easy to understand number, UpGuard’s CSTAR score provides a single measure of risk for information security.

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Cyber Resilience with UpGuard at Microsoft Ignite

UpGuard's cyber resilience platform pairs perfectly with Microsoft to help your business trust in innovation.

By providing unparalled visibility into your IT infrastructure, UpGuard enables you to discover the configuration state of all your Microsoft systems. Control environments from a desired state by turning infrastructure into automated provisioning scripts with DSC. And lastly, fortify environments and solutions you've created by monitoring for surfacing.

What is UpGuard?

See a brief summation of how UpGuard provides deep visibility into the state of your IT infrastructure, enabling you to understand your risk potential, prevent breaches, and accelerate software delivery.

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UpGuard and ServiceNow

Learn how UpGuard integrates with ticketing applications like ServiceNow and let us help you fight configuration drift. Get notifications when unplanned change occurs and automatically verify planned change by testing the resulting configurations against policy.

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SSL Certificate Expiration Check

An expired SSL certificate often means an unplanned outage on a production system. These outages not only deny service, they're also embarrassingly visible to the public. To keep your website from bringing up a red X in customers' browsers, try UpGuard's time comparison check to receive alerts before your certificates expire, so you still have time to renew them before anything breaks.

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UpGuard and Chef

Chef is a powerful tool for automating the deployment and configuration of servers, but how can you be sure that your configuration has successfully completed? By using UpGuard! You can also create Chef recipes from your existing configurations with the click of a button.

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Windows Active Directory Troubleshooting

Important Active Directory services like file replication and directory synchronization rely on every domain controller having the same configuration. UpGuard maintains configuration integrity across any size environment and allows you to quickly diff a group of servers and understand if and how they are different.

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UpGuard and Ansible

Ansible is a great tool for automating deployments, but just like manual deployments, Ansible code needs to be tested against policy to verify that the automated configurations are correct. UpGuard provides that assurance by allowing organizations to check their environments against expectations and quickly remediate any issues. UpGuard can also automatically create Ansible playbooks based on existing configurations, taking one more manual step out of the workflow.

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UpGuard's CIS Policy

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) provides critical best practices for enterprise cybersecurity. UpGuard makes compliance easy by providing visibility into your configurations and built-in CIS policies to test them against.

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UpGuard and Puppet

Puppet is a great tool for automated deployment and configuration, but how do you know the changes made with it are correct? UpGuard integrates with Puppet and helps System Administrators have confidence in their deployments by automatically testing Puppet configs against policy to ensure proper configuration. UpGuard can also automatically generate Puppet manifests based on existing configs, eliminating tedious manual coding.

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