ICE-NYSE Case Study

ICE Automates
Change Validation and
Vulnerability Management

When Intercontinental Exchange decided to take its IT compliance and security to the next level, it decided to leverage its existing ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW) ITSM platform. The company was also working with UpGuard—a leading cyber resilience platform provider and ServiceNow partner—to ensure the integrity of its IT environment.

According to Chuck Adkins, Intercontinental Exchange’s Vice President of Technology, “Our strategy is to invest in platforms, not point tools. That’s one of the key reasons that we chose ServiceNow and UpGuard. By bringing both of these together, we significantly enhanced our compliance and security capabilities. And because ServiceNow and UpGuard had already integrated their two platforms, we had a significant head start.”

"We now have an automated, robust process for validating that planned changes are made correctly. That reduces regulatory and operational risk, lowers costs, and allows us to drive continuous improvement."

Chuck Adkins
Vice President of Technology
Intercontinental Exchange