UpGuard Announces Cyber Security Rating (CSR)


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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - (November 1, 2018) UpGuard, the world’s first cyber resilience platform, announced today the re-branding of its proprietary cyber risk scoring system, the Cyber Security Rating (CSR), formerly known as the Cyber Security Threat Assessment Report (CSTAR). The name change reflects the company's broader focus on security and commitment to providing a benchmark that will allow customers to assess the complete cyber risk of their organization and the vendors to which they entrust sensitive information.

"We decided to change our scoring system to CSR in order to simplify and streamline our branding practices," said Mike Baukes, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of UpGuard. "We’ve developed a suite of products that can use this rating as a benchmark for cyber risk.”

The implementation of Cyber Security Rating (CSR) will be reflected in UpGuard CyberRisk, an integrated risk mitigation platform for security professionals to automate vendor risk management for third parties. With CyberRisk, customers are able to evaluate susceptibilities to their internal and external infrastructure, monitor security compliance, and automate vendor risk assessments. UpGuard’s CyberRisk platform actively scans billions of digital assets in real-time – more than a hundredfold the number of targets monitored by other security rating companies. Customers such as the University of Southern California, First State Super, IAG and hundreds others depend on UpGuard’s rating system in order to evaluate the risk posture of every vendor in their portfolio.

The new name is effective immediately, and will be implemented across the company's products and services over the coming weeks.

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UpGuard is the world’s first cyber resilience platform, offering the only comprehensive solution available for identifying and mitigating cyber risk. We don’t just arm professionals with real-time knowledge about their IT assets - we empower them with the ability to remediate emerging issues swiftly, whether they emerge from local systems, through trusted external vendors, or via the public internet. And we do it at scale, combining intuitive agility with operational power to enable organizations to trust their technology. UpGuard is headquartered in Mountain View, CA with offices in Portland, OR and Sydney, Australia. To see how UpGuard works, or to get your CSTAR rating, visit http://www.upguard.com.

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