DevOps Enablement

UpGuard accelerates DevOps initiatives by validating your complete toolchain and pipeline.

Configuration Management

Many IT organizations rely on manual processes and custom scripts to accomplish repetitive tasks.

In today’s dynamic data center, with multiple team members and heterogeneous infrastructure dispersed inside and outside the firewall, these methods are difficult to scale, track and maintain.

Without proper configuration management solutions, organizations can experience several issues including system outages, configuration drift, non-compliance, and inconsistencies across environments.

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Test-Driven Architecture

Successful automation requires the following:

  1. Documenting the IT state both before and after changes occur
  2. Creating tests to determine whether or not the desired outcome took place
  3. Scripting the action itselftypically with Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt, or other CM tool
  4. Continuous validation of those changes

UpGuard is built from the ground up to validate your test-driven infrastructure.

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Infrastructure as Code

Whether you're new to automation or a seasoned pro when it comes to Puppet, Chef, Ansible, or Salt, ensuring everything is done properly and safely isn't always an easy prospect.

UpGuard integrates seamlessly into your Paas/IaaS workflow, ensuring configurations and actions are validated against continuous policies before and after automation actions take place.

Independent validation ensures there's absolutely no uncertainty, especially when mission-critical systems are on the line.

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The DevOps Toolchain

The DevOps Toolchain

With a variety of functions to fill, and jillions of tools to choose from, selecting the minimum number of tools that can get the job done right is a formidable task. To help with planning for large scale continuous delivery initiatives, we've created the DevOps Toolchain eBook.

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