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Updated on February 26, 2016 by UpGuard

Whenever there's a lot to lose, UpGuard is the solution to ensure correct configuration state. Often this means working the enterprises in banking, transportation, and ecommerce, but the Internet of Things introduces risks to the most mission critical system of them all: your home. 

We're proud to announce that UpGuard will be shipped on chip for the first generation of Ninja Spheres, providing overwatch for the state of the Sphere and the assurance that every configuration item is secure. By constantly inspecting the Sphere, UpGuard provides an assurance against a threat landscape that is constantly changing. 

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UpGuard and NinjaBlocks have partnered to pioneer security and support for the Internet of Things by shipping UpGuard on chip in the new generation of Ninja Spheres. UpGuard is the DevOps system of record and is already used by enterprises to continuously test complex, fast-moving infrastructure. Ninja Spheres are the brain for the intelligent house, giving users a single point to control all their IoT devices. Together they provide control and peace of mind for the connected home.

As Internet of Things devices become more widely adopted, the security risks have stopped being merely hypothetical. In one infamous case, a hacker gained access to a baby monitor and screamed at a sleeping infant. Ninja Spheres take a step toward securing the intelligent home by providing a single hub to control and monitor all those devices. UpGuard secures the Sphere by continuously monitoring and validating the state of the Sphere. Intrusive changes can be detected and remediated remotely. When new vulnerabilities are discovered–when the next Heartbleed emerges, for example–all Spheres can be scanned, patched, and secured.

Beyond security is a less obvious but ultimately more costly issue of maintaining desired state in IoT device configurations. Each household will be taking on the responsibility of a full-fledged IT department. Anyone who has spent time troubleshooting a router with their cable provider knows how fun that will be. In recent years the DevOps movement has begun to address the problem of maintaining quality in complex IT environments, and deploying UpGuard on Ninja Spheres is the natural evolution of DevOps for IoT. With UpGuard as the system of record, NinjaBlocks can continue to update the Sphere's software knowing that any problems can be quickly traced and backed out.


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