Digital Resilience

Data breaches can be catastrophic for any business. IT risk is business risk.

UpGuard provides complete visibility into IT assets and makes understanding cyber risk a simple matter for any manager or C-level, whether they're technical or not.

Risk Management, Meet Cybersecurity

Integrating cybersecurity into your enterprise’s risk management and governance processes is a critical but difficult task. Having a standard or common language to communicate your cybersecurity posture or risk to cyber attack is crucial. CSTAR is an easily understandable single value that can integrate into any governance, risk and compliance module you use to make communicating risk even easier.

UpGuard's CSTAR

Visibility for the Entire Infrastructure

Cybersecurity is more than just anti-virus software and firewalls. Preventing breaches and unplanned outages that threaten your business requires sound IT operations as well as vulnerability detection. UpGuard scans every server and network device in your environment to ensure you have complete visibility into your entire network.

Continuous Testing Isn't Rocket Science

How do you determine whether a change in your configuration or on your network isn’t going to break something or making you vulnerable to attack? UpGuard’s policies allow you to easily and continuously validate your configuration state, and RESTful integrations with other platforms let you get notified in the manner that's best for your organization.

Digital Resilience for DevOps

Digital Resilience for DevOps eBook

Digital resilience is not just about maintaining strong IT security. It's about effectively managing all of the risks associated with doing business in today's digital landscapes.

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