Healthcare isn't very good at securing our data.

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Just as credit scores aggregate financial risk factors into one easy to understand number, UpGuard’s CSTAR score provides a single measure of risk for information security.

What is CSTAR?

CSTAR uses a variety of external risk tests that we classify into three broad categories.


The cost of a data breach varies based on factors like industry-based regulatory requirements and state laws. UpGuard uses data pertaining to the business to inform the risk posed by a data breach.


While the majority of vulnerabilities for a data breach are not externally accessible, UpGuard checks the available attack surface for technical risks. This information provides a baseline for internal scanning of a business’ security posture.


Falsified communications provide a common method for intruders to gain unauthorized access to internal systems. UpGuard checks for best practices in ensuring the authenticity of communication services.

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For businesses serious about becoming resilient...
the external scan is just the starting point.

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