CSTAR Resilience Scoring

In the age of million record databreaches, risk and resiliency are hot topics for the c-suite of any company. But how can an organization accurately determine their overall cyber risk? UpGuard analyzes relevant factors and aggregates them into one simple number, like a credit score.

CSTAR Resilience Scoring

Both internal and external assessments are required for a true picture of resiliency

An external assessment looks at websites, email, open ports and company profile to determine risk, while an internal assessment monitors server and network configurations, vulnerability management and other critical infrastructure. Both are necessary for an accurate picture of an organization's security. UpGuard handles both sides of this equation and wraps the results up in a CSTAR score that organizations can use as a standard for cyber risk, based on real data from their specifc environment.

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CSTAR Resilience Scoring in UpGuard

The CSTAR score allows non-technical managers and executives to have a data driven metric on which to base decisions regarding cyber security and infrastructure and can serve as an empirical middle ground between IT and other departments to help everyone allocate resources and achieve business goals. 

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